SUPREMO AMICUS publishes six issues in a year. Call for paper is issued in the interest of authors to inform about the same.

Copyright:Once a submission is selected for publication, the author(s) is/are required to pay the fee for publication and upon publication of article in supremo amicus (Any Volume), The copyright of the article is automatically transferred to Supremo amicus(no form or any other document is required for copyright transfer) for creative common use, details has been provided  about CC license is provided under open access policy. Authors hold the Moral right to the article and has to adhere to creative common license stated under open access policy. Author(s) is/are strictly prohibited to republication of exact same content.


Withdrawal of Submission: In order to withdraw a submitted manuscript, author(s) is/are required to inform the editorial board via mail, well in advance before publication. The journal has no objection to such requests. However, the charges paid will not be refunded because we give ample time to the author(s) to decide whether they want to publish their research with us and to make the requisite payment.

Once a manuscript has been published it cannot be removed or withdrawn.

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