Duties of Author(s)

Original Work and Plagiarized Content: It is the duty and responsibility of the author(s) to ensure that they submit their own original work for publication. In no manner or in any form should the content be plagiarized. Plagiarism is unethical, wrong, and not at all tolerated and accepted by Supremo Amicus. The Author(s) must present their own research work, their own idea, their own interpretations for publication. The content must not be hard work of another person being passed of as the author(s) own work.

Acknowledgment and Proper Citation of Work: In case the author(s) is/are relying on some other person’s work to interpret or research a specific topic in their submission, they should mention proper citations acknowledging that the work belongs to some other person. Unpublished words attributed to a person other than the author(s) should not be used in the submission without the written consent of such person.

Multiple Publications: Author(s) is bound to ensure that the manuscript submitted is original and unpublished at the time of submission. It has neither been published before nor is under consideration for being published elsewhere. Submitting the same manuscript for multiple publications is an unethical publishing behavior and is not tolerated.

Authorship of the work: The authorship of the work should be attributed to those who have made a significant and substantial contribution to the writing, researching, analyses, and interpretation of the topic. The submission can be co-authored as well. Other persons who have provided help in the competition of the submission can be acknowledged as contributors. Author(s) is/are required to submit the final version of their manuscript after it been duly edited and should be submitted with the consent of all the authors.


The Editorial Board is required to thoroughly evaluate the manuscripts submitted for publication. The members of the Board have to ensure that the work submitted will add to the fountain of knowledge, enrich the minds of the reader at the same time complying with the guidelines of the paper submission and the scope of the journal.

The submissions will be reviewed ensuring no bias and full impartiality on part of the reviewing team. The work submitted will be evaluated without any regard to the gender, sex, religion, caste, creed, and nationality of the author(s).

Disclosure of Interest: No reviewer will review any submission in case they have a relation or connection with the author(s). Any conflict of interest arising due to the reviewers themselves being interest in the publication of the particular paper has to be disclosed by the reviewer himself and he shall be recused from the evaluation process.

Confidentiality of Submissions: The manuscripts submitted for consideration of the editorial team and reviewing team shall be treated as confidential documents. The same will not be forwarded to

  • any unauthorized person, without the consent of the editors.
  • for any work other than for the purpose of evaluation of the submission as per the policy of the journal.


Supremo Amicus is based on an open-access model. The manuscripts published in the journal can be accessed on the website without any subscription cost. Readers are free to read, download, copy, print, distribute, link the published work to other articles. No subscription costs are to be paid.

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