SUPREMO AMICUS publishes all its articles in open access under a Creative Commons (CC BY) license. Publishing articles in open access allows the general public audience and the scientific community to have free, immediate, and unlimited access to scholarly articles and to freely reuse the content provided that proper acknowledgment is given to the original authors.

The authors pay a one-time article processing charge for the articles accepted after peer-review. This cost helps to cover the cost of providing our high-quality publishing service and free access to readers. There are no charges for rejected articles and no surcharges based on the length of an article, figures, or supplementary data. Editorial items (Editorials, Corrections, Additions, Retractions, Letters, Comments, etc.) are published free of charge. THERE are NO SUBMISSION CHARGES FOR THE JOURNAL.

Article Publishing Charges

Indian delegates : 

  1. Single authored paper: INR 1500 
  2. Co-authored paper: INR 2100
  3. Co-Authored paper up to 3 Authors: INR 3100
  4. Group Paper up to 5 Authors: INR 5100
  5. Group Paper up to 10 Authors: INR 11000

Article Publishing Charges cover the following:

  • The editorial procedure, including administration related to peer review, author revisions, and final decision-making.
  • Production of the Articles: formatting, language editing, typesetting, and production in PDF format.
  • Article hosting and dissemination: website maintenance, contact with indexing databases.
  • Journal administration: including managing the journal website and editorial board, and promotion of the journal among the research community.
  • Philanthropy: SUPREMO AMICUS invests in projects that benefit the research community, including prizes, awards, and conference sponsorship.
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